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Volunteer Program


As a nonprofit you’re always looking for ways to attract and reward volunteers. We have some great product ideas for you.

New Volunteers
Thank those who sign up as volunteers with useful and thoughtful gifts. If the group does a lot of work with breast cancer awareness events, a keychain shaped like a walking breast cancer awareness ribbon would be a different twist on the standard pink items.

If the group is also involved in many charity walks and runs for various women’s causes, provide each volunteer a pedometer to track their steps along the way. This shows them, too, that the nonprofit cares about them and encourages their healthy habits.

A Wine-Country candle set will help members relax at home after a long day of volunteerism. And a tote made from recycled newspapers is an eco-friendly way to carry their gifts home and it’s also a practical product they will use again and again, reminding everyone who sees it of the group’s positive work in the community.

Event Organizers
Next, you will reward event organizers with higher-end items, such as a leather briefcase or an art glass bowl. The team should also wear matching T-shirts on each occasion.

Years of Service
Finally, those volunteers who’ve given years of service should be recognized on special anniversaries. A quality clock and frame combo makes a nice gift and nobody could resist a dozen roses … made from fine Belgian chocolate no less.

New Volunteers
Event Organizers
Years of Service
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